Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

No, Obama isn't taking down the Statue of Liberty because of Muslims' complaints

Reports that President Obama is dismantling the Statue of Liberty come from hoax web sites.

No, Saddam Hussein Was Not Good At Killing Terrorists

Trump needs to read a history book on this one.

Fact-checking Clinton's attacks on Trump in Atlantic City

Hillary Clinton traveled to Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Wednesday to take aim at Donald Trump's business record, and CNN's Reality Check Team put her statements and assertions to the test.

Trump’s false claim that Saddam Hussein was ‘so good’ at ‘killing terrorists’

Hussein was no opponent of terrorists, certainly in the eyes of the West.

Did Colleen Deacon, as GOP suggests, flip-flop on Interstate 81 position?

As expected, Republicans aren't giving Democratic candidate Colleen Deacon a warm welcome to the 24th Congressional District race.

Hillary Clinton Makes Claims About Jobs, Auto Industry & More

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were in North Carolina Tuesday. It was the first time the president appeared on the campaign trail with Clinton since she became the presumptive democratic nominee.

Trump trips on Saddam’s record

Donald Trump gives credit where credit isn’t due when he brands Saddam Hussein a potent foil of terrorists.

Distorting the Asthma-Ozone Link

A Republican congressman falsely claimed there are “thousands of studies” that refute the Environmental Protection Agency’s conclusion that ground-level ozone, a component of smog, exacerbates asthma attacks.

Everything you wanted to know about Trump and the six-pointed star

Controversy over Donald Trump’s tweet carrying the image of a six-pointed star similar to the Jewish Star of David became the subject of much scrutiny over the Fourth of July weekend. And Trump continues to face criticism. For readers who may have tuned in sporadically or missed it entirely, here’s a complete timeline of the facts of exactly what happened — starting with the original, now-deleted tweet.

Hillary Clinton's claims about her emails collapsed under the FBI investigation

Key assertions by Hillary Clinton in defense of her email practices have collapsed under FBI scrutiny.

A Guide to Clinton’s Emails

We provide answers to common questions about Clinton's emails.

Clinton’s Handling of Classified Information

An FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information resulted in no criminal charges, but it revealed that Clinton and her campaign made past statements that have turned out to be false or misleading.

Katie Hobbs mostly right on state costs of defending suits vs. Planned Parenthood

Is it correct that “since 2010, taxpayers have already spent $1 million defending unconstitutional laws in court aimed at Planned Parenthood"?

Email on tales of woe among Declaration of Independence signers isn't fully accurate

A popular essay outlines the fates of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, but many of its details are inaccurate.

Revisiting Clinton’s claim she used personal email out of ‘convenience,’ and it ‘was allowed’ by State Department

Clinton has continued to use some version of this talking point from her March 2015 news conference. But when you add up the details that have emerged, they are just not that credible and worthy of Three Pinocchios. It’s time to update the talking points.

Is Clinton overstating role in children's health coverage?

Hillary Clinton's ad 'Quiet Moments' reflects getting children health coverage.

Checking whether top Obama officials watched the Benghazi attack unfold but did nothing

Claims that top Obama administration officials watched the Benghazi attack unfold in real-time but did nothing to intervene have been proved false.

The Benghazi Timeline, Clinton Edition

Now that the last of the Benghazi reports have been issued, we look at some key public and private statements made by Hillary Clinton and others in the State Department following the 2012 attacks, which resulted in the loss of four Americans.

Barack Obama was not sworn in using a Quran

A photograph of Barack Obama taking the oath of office as President is frequently shared with the false claim that he was sworn in using a Quran.

Donald Trump’s claim that China ‘will enter’ the Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘at a later date’

His point is still problematic, but just shy of a total whopper.